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Mom loved beads. It was a September romance that didn't begin until she was about 60. She fell hard, and spent hours in classes, learning the elements of design, the intricacies of color, the craft of construction. But it was the beads themselves that she loved, passionately.

When someone at a show says they love a particular bead but don't know what to do with it, I tell them that my mom would just put them in a bowl on her coffee table where the light would hit them, and just look at them. They gave her joy. Beads do that. Once I received an email from a customer who had just received her order. "Happy happy happy" she said. "I'm walking around the office humming happily." It made my day.

Passion is contagious, and I was not immune. Mom and I were partners in business for about four years before she retired, and her spirit is still with us. We sell the beads we love. We hope you love them, too.

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