Our Spring Colors
Image of Vintage Sapphire Rose Emerald White Flat Oval (VGB-40)) Image of Ocean Japanese Foil Beads (H-34) Image of Rose Japanese Foil Beads (H-5) Image of Vintage Chrysolite Swarovski (VGB-1) Image of Vintage Harvest Striated Round (VOY-17)
Image of Vintage Coral Trailed (VOY-15) Image of Pale Yellow White Striped Japanese Lampwork (VOY-10) Image of Vintage Coral Triangle (VOY-8) Image of Violet Swarovski 5000 (SWV-46) Image of Rose Swirled Fin Japanese Handmade (H-51)
Image of Vintage Alexandrite Swarovski (VGP-17) Image of Blue Star Flower (SPC-41) Image of Turquoise Picasso rectangle (SPC-43) Image of Red Opaque Flower Disc (SPC-44) Image of Vintage Venetian White Aventurine (VBB-22)


Our curated selection of glass beads represents over two decades of searching for the finest, most radiant glass available. We carry only the best Vintage, Czech & Japanese glass beads we can find. We have combed through thousands of colors of seedbeads to bring you a selection of the most nuanced, subtly beautiful shades available.

Our aim is not to stock the most beads, just the ones we really love.
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